Friday, March 19, 2010

Everyone wants Irish Patrick St? S Day!

LOCATION: North America
DATE: 17 March 2010
BY: Editor
DETAILS: Whatever the reason, St Patrick? S Day is one of, if not the most widely celebrated days in honor of a saint. Especially in North America, many cities have huge parades on St Patrick?? S Day and Irish pubs crowded with everyone in the party!

What? S Ironically, until 1996, the celebration in Ireland itself couldn? T rival in the world, so that the Irish government established the Patrick St? S Festival, a national festival that the Irish would be proud!

What is the Patrick St? S Festival?

The first St Patrick? S Festival was held in Dublin in 1996 and included a parade and fireworks spectacular. Since then the festival has grown and now there is a celebration of some form using for about four days that the weekend before St. Patrick? S day, on March 17. This year the Festival of St. Patrick is the 12 to 17 March.

Dublin is now home to probably the best St Patrick? S Parade in the world, but the fireworks, known as Skyfest, are moving in recent years, is in County Tipperary, 2008, and in the beautiful city of Waterford in 2009. Where exactly Skyfest will be held in 2010 is still a mystery, but the official St Patrick? S Festival website provides details once it? S released.

Who was St. Patrick?

Saint Patrick is one of the three patron saints of Ireland, and although two others, he is most famous. He came to Ireland as a bishop in the world of Christianity to spread, using a shamrock to explain the Irish about the Holy Trinity. After his death he was declared a saint in heaven, and a hundred years later St. Patrick


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