Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Internationaal Vuurwerk Competitie Hannover 2010

De deelnemers voor de Champions of Champions editie 2010 zijn bekend.

15.05.2010 Duitsland - Pyro-Star-Produktion
29.05.2010 Australie - Foti International Fireworks
21.08.2010 Italie - Ipon Fireworks
04.09.2010 Zweden - Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik
18.09.2010 China - Vulcan Pyrotechnics (Vorjahressieger)

Re: Internationaal Vuurwerk Competitie Hannover 2010
Thanks for the info Tony ! I'm really happy to see IPON again in the shedule! If they are competing in Hannover maybe they will be in other competitions. I hope they will reprsenet Italy also in Montreal!!!! I love their big fianles. And also the great shells they use, their studatas are AWESOME.

It's a very nice shedule !!!!!!!


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