Saturday, February 6, 2010

Newburgh fireworks celebration may come to a fizzle

Details: I hope you have been enjoying the articles about the new businesses that are open in Downtown Newburgh. We have so much to be proud of and so many opportunities popping up all around town.

I have heard from several of the business owners that were highlighted in the past week's columns that they have heard from you after reading this column.

That is the best gift we can give new business owners - our patronage. Thank you for your support and your business.

Today I write on a much more somber note. Although it is cold outside and snow still covers the ground, we here at Historic Newburgh, Inc. are looking towards the future.

More specifically we are looking at the 2010 Newburgh Fireworks Celebration.

This year the Town of Newburgh was asked, like all municipalities across the state, to cut their budget across the board by 20 percent.

Extremely hard decisions were made and the contribution that the Town of Newburgh gives to Historic Newburgh, Inc. each year was significantly reduced.

These are tough times and the Town Council made the best and fairest decisions they could.

Like the town, we too have had to make some tough decisions.

We have made several changes to our 2010-2011 budget and one of the items we have had to revisit is the Newburgh Fireworks Celebration.

Every year close to 10,000 people watch the Newburgh Fireworks Celebration.

Some say they like the Newburgh fireworks because they don't have to deal with the traffic.

Some say they like the fireworks because they can watch them from their backyard.

Whatever your reason, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing you this amazing, free display for nearly a decade.

This year, however, Historic Newburgh, Inc. needs your help. We do not want to cancel the 2010 Newburgh Fireworks Celebration and that is why we are coming to you, the public.

We have to raise $15,000 for the fireworks show and have to do so by March 1st. When we've come to you in the past, you've always been there for us and in the down economy, we're hopeful that individuals and businesses will step-up to keep this great Newburgh and American tradition alive.

Some local businesses have indicated an interest in helping out, but we are going to need a title sponsor and many other smaller contributions to make it happen. While the Wine, Art and Jazz Festival, Ghost Walk, Fiddler Fest, and Christmas House Tours are profitable through ticket sales, we've never charged the public to celebrate America's birthday.

Over the past few years, the fireworks have been a net money-loser for Historic Newburgh, Inc., and this year we don't have the money to cover the loss.

We are asking for your help in keeping the Newburgh Fireworks Celebration alive.

All donations are 100 percent tax deductable and can be sent to Fireworks, Historic Newburgh, Inc. 9 W Jennings Street, Newburgh, IN 47630. Thank you for your help and your continued support. (812) 853-2815 or


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