Dominator Wins 1st Place at PGI with Stunning Pyromusical!

Dominator Fireworks assembled their team of expert choreographers and technicians again for the PGI crowd in August at the Red River Fairgrounds in Fargo, ND.  The team pulled off an amazing feat shooting displays on back to back nights winning 1st place in Best of Show for the week with their Tuesday evening pyromusical, and then came right back and shot an even larger display on Wednesday night!

Huge thanks to Lew’s fireworks for the assist from many of their hard working shooters on these shows!  This was probably the best week of weather we have ever had for setting up and shooting displays I don’t think we saw rain one time, even though the area saw a deluge just before our arrival which required some work to repair roads and shoot areas due to mud.

One thing we are very proud of is the fact that Dominator is winning these displays using exclusively our product line, competing against display companies cherry picking the best of the best from several manufacturers! Here is video of both Tuesday and Wednesday nights great displays!  Thanks to YouTube user mojoe88 for the great vids.