Municipal Construction Committee Published: fireworks ban in construction site and the surrounding 30 meters within the site


30 meters surrounding the construction site will be banned fireworks. Municipal Construction Committee website issued the “Beijing 2014 Project Construction site on New Year Spring Festival fireworks safety management program,” requires not only the construction site to ensure that no storage, no fireworks, but within 30 meters surrounding the construction site is also prohibited discharge fireworks to prevent fires.

According to “work program” requires that all projects within the construction site is strictly prohibited to store fireworks and discharge fireworks, when discharge fireworks outside of construction site, must be “in accordance with law, civilized, safe discharge” , prohibit discharge fireworks after drinking. Meanwhile, the construction unit need to set rigid ban signs, hanging banners on the site outside the gate and perimeter fence, publicity surrounding residents. Each construction site must be made and hang not less than one “no discharge fireworks within 30 meters from the construction site and its surrounding ” propaganda banners. At the same time, the construction unit will sign letters of responsibility with the Municipal Construction Committee.