During Spring Festival put fireworks or not should be discussed


Days after day, the weather foggy and hazy has already seriously affected everyone’s life. December 8th, singer Han hong through the weibo to appeal everyone not to explode the fireworks during the Spring Festival, and take the century London as an example, she hopes everyone take good care of their homes, to protect clean air

After air pollution, when PM2.5 comes, the occasion when hazy shrouded the north and south, almost no one can stay out.

At this moment, pursue mistakes is not the priority. How brainstorming, under the government organize, play all aspects of the full power of social, society-wide consensus reached that the first big thing is solve hazy air problem.

Fireworks only be light up for a few days during the Spring Festival every year, and the ancients did it for thousands years, it should be limited for the impact of the haze. However, we must also know that the ancients put fireworks, both quantity and quality, are different from today’s fireworks. In addition, that time the urban population is far less than now. Not to mention industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust these things. Therefore, even if the ancients put fireworks cost air pollution problem, it is very small very small effect. The ancients put fireworks’ example could not be the reason that people today continue to put fireworks.


The past two days, the country hundreds of heavily polluted cities, Beijing, Tianjin and the Yangtze River Delta haze even into a film. Shanghai PM2.5 burst form, 30% of the official vehicle stop running. In this grim situation, we discuss whether or not to put fireworks  during the Spring Festival seems absolutely necessary and very timely. Assumed during the Spring Festival, every city encounter serious fog and haze weather, the local government official besides command more vehicles suspended, whether it should announce ban fireworks? Even if the fireworks do not produce any PM2.5, the fireworks also remains a fire hazard. In severe fog and haze weather, once put fireworks cause injuries or fire occurs, saving people and fire extinguishing are much difficult than in normal weather. No matter from which point of view, the government has to consider when special weather occurs, they need to immediately announced parked fireworks. Otherwise, the government is to give up their responsibilities.

In the absence of exceptional weather conditions, whether come forward to ban fireworks announced by the government or not, it is necessary to discuss. If the majority of people demanded the ban, Congress has legislation, the government can follow public opinion. Most people asked to continue to put fireworks, the government need to plan the discharge place, cannot put in a densely populated area. Best way is in the future by the local government unify discharge on Spring Festival’s Eve, just have some meanings for the Spring Festival are enough, change the purchase of self-discharge practices