Jinan is going to ban fireworks


In the 6th meeting of the Conference of production safety in Jinan, the Jinan Municipal Committee, mayor Yang Lu Yu said the fireworks have security risks, and now severe haze, fireworks will pollute the air as well, and for some people raised proposal to ban the discharge, he said Jinan City will be discuss this proposal.

Yang Lu Yu for the 2013 production safety situation in Jinan, he did summarize. As we knowing, Jinan City in 2013 there were 445 kinds of accidents, the death of 165 people, compared with 2012, increased by 15.9%, 7.8%, production safety situation is very grim this year. Yang Lu Yu said that there are more than 20 days approaching the New Year, and all departments should be placed on safety inspections to ensure the safe operation of the facilities.

Yang Lu Yu stressed that the need to give prominence to transportation safety, public security levels, traffic, safety supervision departments to increase safety supervision, develop a plan for bad weather serious road traffic accident prevention, strengthen supervision and inspection of passenger vehicles and routine maintenance, investigation and management of traffic safety problems effectively, ensuring road traffic safety;concertrate to carry out safety checks and special rectification, strengthen key industries, areas of safety supervision, supervision of solid job security, water, electricity, oil, gas and heating supply units to ensure production safety, ensure factories producing safety, citizens have normal life; strengthening emergency duty, earnestly implement the linkage mechanism, strict implementation of leading cadres for duty with the class, 24-hour duty system for key positions and accident information reporting system, once an accident or emergency occurs, immediately consult the report, and to conduct timely and effective emergency rescue and disposal.

Every year during the spring festival, most families have fireworks, when it comes to fireworks production safety, Yang Lu Yu said that these days, many people called for the ban of fireworks, which he personally agree with, but also that worthy of related departments to discuss. “fireworks Not only are safety issue, but also pollution, for the haze weather effect a lot right now, especially in the densely population in main city, after the discharge fireworks, the smoke dissipates very slowly.” Said Yang Lu Yu