Qingdao primary students initiatives: refusing to set off fireworks and firecrackers,share the beautiful blue sky


Spring Festival is approaching, Qingdao II, Qingdao electronics school, junior high school students and experimental Qingdao City Experimental Primary School of the Young Pioneers Brigade Commission jointly issued by the National schoolchildren “refusal fireworks, sharing the beautiful blue sky “initiative today. Schoolchildren nationwide initiative: from themselves, to start from less to buy a bunch of firecrackers, set off a few fireworks, so beautiful urban air quality does not deteriorate, for having a green New Year, with their own practical action to make environmental civilized fashion communicators.

Every New Year, as the Chinese traditional customs, fireworks become an indispensable part, but the attendant is piles of ashes and debris gun accidents, but also brought air pollution. Thus, refusing fireworks  has became one of the Qingdao primary and secondary education winter vacation themes this year.

Qingdao City schoolchildren to the nation on behalf of schoolchildren sent a green initiative. In the event, many students refused to fireworks on the undertaking signed and said they would mobilize people around to join the green initiatives of reject set off fireworks and firecrackers .