Bloomburg Businessweek Fireworks Article

Dominator Fireworks was recently mentioned in a Bloomburg Businessweek article highlighting the display firework business and it’s revenues as fireworks are used nation and worldwide to ring in the New Year.

Dominator Fireworks has seen a steady rise in orders placed for delivery in time for end of the year celebrations worldwide in recent years.  The average cycle for an order to be processed and delivered is currently about six months.  USA display companies will commonly place their orders for New Years Eve displays immediately after their busy July 4th season in hopes of delivery by early December each year.  A large amount of that time is travel.  Once the fireworks have been manufactured they are loaded into steel shipping containers in Hunan, China (Where 90% of the worlds fireworks are now made) they are trucked to a river port for a 5-6 day barge trip to one of China’s major coastal shipping ports, usually Shangai.  The containers are then loaded onto a freight ship for an average 12 day trip the west coast of the USA where they are offloaded and then either railed or trucked to their final destination for a total trip time averaging 5 weeks.

In 2015, labor disputes at the largest port accepting fireworks in Long Beach, CA have delayed things further.  Some reports say vessels have been sitting offshore waiting to unload goods for almost a month in extreme cases.  This could become critical to the consumer fireworks market if an agreement is not reached soon, as the busy shipping season for consumer fireworks starts in March with the bulk of thousands of containers due to arrive annually between March 1st and May 30.

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