children playing with fire, fireworks burned kid’s home

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March 18th at 3pm, located in city Yancheng Sheyang Haitong town street, one of houses in a village called center of village suddenly caught fire, after receiving the alarm, the local fire department immediately rushed to the scene of the fighting . In the fire scene, fire fighters arrived at the scene found flames have burned through the entire two-story building on the second floor roof , flames billowing smoke are associated with pervasive , and the fire sprang flames from the old one door, the house exterior wall fire walls have been blackened , with fire inside the house using a wood structure to do so along with the fire quickly spread.

After understanding the situation, fire fighters immediately began to control the fire through the first floor , second floor, while the composition of personnel climb a platform to fight the blaze of the fire , after nearly 20 minutes of the disposal , the fire was brought under control and was quickly extinguished , but early due to fire rapid development , the loss of the entire house is not small. According afterwards understood that the accident was at home and there is some unused fireworks from spring festival ago, family children usually like to play with fire, a child playing with fire is probably headed for this fire also speculated that fireworks accidentally rushed to the house caused fire. And in the fire scene ,the front door indeed had a lot of pieces of paper scattered after the discharge of fireworks left .

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