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In this article we will talk about pyrotechnics, pyrotechnics school, pyrotechnics supplies, stage pyrotechnics, pyrotechnics history, pyrotechnics careers, homemade pyrotechnics, pyrotechnicians, and how to make fireworks, just to name a few topics!


The word pyrotechnics refers to the art, craft and science of fireworks. In many ways pyrotechnics is comparable to many other arts, such as music, painting and film.  As a science, pyrotechnics attempts to understand and quantify the chemical and physical reactions that characterize pyrotechnic reactions. The art of pyrotechnics is thought to have originated around 1st century AD in China.  So, as an art it has been with us a long time, however as a science, pyrotechnics is quite young. The basic scientific understanding of flame and color production are rather recent discoveries.


A pyrotechnition is an individual who is professionally employed in the pyrotechnics industry.  The role of the pyrotechnition may include the set up of professional displays, both indoor and outdoor.  Also, it may include the preparation of chemicals. 


Pyrotechnics School is offered by some professional display companies, by the PGI (Pyrotechnics Guild International), and in Liuyang China there are courses offered in university in order to train to prepare the chemicals needed in producing fireworks. 


Pyrotechnics supplies are the supplies used to make fireworks and include chemicals, tubes, mortars, screens, and other supplies.  You can click here to buy pyrotechnic supplies.


Pyrotechnics has a rich history.  As stated above, the art of Pyrotechnics was thought to have originated in China as early as the first century AD.  Here you can read more about pyrotechnics history and fireworks history.


It is possible to have a Pyrotechnics career.  Usually, a career begins by volunteering your time to a fireworks company who will provide training in exchange for your hard work.   On the job training and experience are the best way to make a name for yourself and eventually secure a full time position with a company.  Most pyrotechnic jobs are not full-time, but rather are part-time or contract positions to help set-up displays.  


Homemade Pyrotechnics can be both a rewarding educational and artistic endeavor and a dangerous and illegal one.   Before attempting to make any homemade pyrotechnics, join a respected organization like the  PGI (Pyrotechnics Guild International), and learn about how to make fireworks and the legalities and safety challenges of Homemade Pyrotechnics. 

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