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Apr 2, 2010

Fireworks a possibility in Lehigh on July 3

DATE: April 2, 2010
DATE: Lehigh is a freedom loving town and it deserves to celebrate that freedom with fireworks over the Fourth of July holidays, says Charlotte Rae Nicely, executive director of Lehigh Community Services today. She says the agency would like to do a "bang up" job to celebration America's birthday this year.

But to have a fireworks display in Lehigh, it takes money to pay for them and Rae has issued an appeal to area businesses and Chamber of Commerce members to become sponsors of such an event.

" To successfully do this we are asking for the business community's support. Too often our residents have to drive into Fort Myers or Cape Coral to view fireworks displays to celebrate the Fourth of July.

"Lehigh Acres is such a patriotic community that we need to celebrate our freedom right here in our own hometown," Rae said. "To do this Lehigh Community Services is asking for the support of local businesses."

Rae said in a email today to business leaders that her agency has been in contact with a professional pyrotechnic firm that has agreed to give the community a substantially discounted price for a fireworks display.

She said the fireworks would be on the night of Saturday, July 3 to get a reduced price. "Obviously the price break is great but we will also not be competing with other community celebrations. Lehigh Community Services already has plenty of daytime events planned for families to enjoy at Veterans Park; however, it sure would be great to end the day with a big band," she said.

She is asking locals to consider being a sponsor for the celebration. All of the sponsors for the

fireworks display will have advanced publicity in the local papers, prominent signage

at the event and on-stage recognition throughout the day of the event at Veterans Park, she said.

"Let's work together to give thanks for the freedom that we enjoy in this wonderful

country. This will be a day to thank our men and women in the military for providing us those freedoms," she said.

Local businesses can commit to being a "Big Banger" with a gift of $1,000; a "Big Shot" for a $500 donation or a "Firecracker" for a donation of $250.

Local firms that want to become sponsors should call Lehigh Community Services at

239-369-5818, email at

Due to time constraints, Rae said commitments are needed no later than Friday, April 16.

Rae also attached a commitment form in her email to local Chamber members.



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