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While other big firework companies spend thousands of dollars to advertise their products, we want our Dominator fans to share in the promotion process in a fun way. Be included and rewarded!

Here's how it works:

Set up and shoot a firework display in 2017 using at least 20 different Dominator Brand Fireworks (May be mixed with other brands, video must highlight the Dominator Brand), and submit your entry by July 31st 2017.

Create an awesome video about Dominator Fireworks and post it on your YouTube channel by midnight ET, July 31st, 2017. Video must have an intro showing your set-up in daylight, bonus points for descriptions of the items, and using the Dominator Fireworks Logo in your video.

Email your entry to with "Display Entry" in the subject line, email must be sent by Midnight, July 31st 2017.

Your email MUST include the following:

  1. Your name, address, PayPal email address and phone number
  2. A link to your YouTube.
  3. A link to your FaceBook page with the video posted
  4. Must include this text in the video description "Here is my video for the Dominator Fireworks backyard display contest, please like and subscribe to our channel https://"
  5. Your video description must include a list of the Dominator Fireworks used  in the display .
  6. The text "I have read and agree to all rules of this contest"

Winning entries will be selected, and reimbursed by August 20th, 2017 via PayPal.

Two Chances to WIN!

  1. Prize 1: $1,000 USD for most creative video judged by Team Dominator management staff.
  2. Prize 2: $500 USD for most view .  You must email a clear screen shot of your YouTube video page showing  (1),your video's Share URL (2) Views, and (3) the time and date stamp by Midnight July 31st 2017


  • Entrants give Dominator Brand Fireworks permission to link photos and videos to their channels/ websites
  • Contest only open to USA residents, for displays fired in the.
  • Contestants must follow all applicable laws for their area
  • Contestants acknowledge fireworks must be used responsibly, and agree to hold harmless Dominator Firework.
  • You must use legit practices to promote your . Use of any "black hat" promotion, "zombie fans'; or digital manipulation to get more views will be considered a violation and disqualify you from this contest. Decisions of the judges are final.
  • You may use any Social Media platform to promote your video