Monday, April 12, 2010

Fireworks and pets

DATE: Sunday, 11 April 2010
DETAILS: Many animals have sharp senses and pets such as cats and dogs especially are known to have a very powerful sense of smell, hearing and vision. While cats have better vision in the dark than dogs, both animals have a sharper sense of hearing than humans. They hear a lot better than us, sometimes even sounds which are inaudible to us.

Most often, certain sounds irritate and disturb them, and even prove harmful to their hearing. So, it is very important to be extra vigilant about your beloved pets in the coming few days because the noise levels will reach a high peak.

With the dawn of the Sinhala and Hindu New Year the air will be filled with the sound of fireworks. Some of you will be already aware as to how your pets react to the sound of bursting firecrackers. You may have even had bad experiences where you have ended up with lost pets or injured pets during this season.

 Just as much as you need to protect yourselves from injuries when lighting firecrackers and sparklers, you should also pay attention to the protection of animals; your pets as well as other animals in the neighbourhood.

Most animals are afraid of loud sounds, and fireworks definitely frighten them. If you do not ensure they are safely locked up or restricted to an area where they cannot run away from, you may lose your pets the moment the loud sounds of bursting firecrackers fill the air. So, if you love your pets and do not want to lose them, be careful.

There are some children who do not think of animals as flesh and blood creatures who also experience fear and pain. They not only light crackers near the animals, but also throw them at these poor animals just for pleasure; to have a good laugh at their reactions. It is an act of cruelty. Animals should also be treated with respect. Just because they have no voice to protest or condemn us, it does not mean they should be ill treated. Never be a part of such cruelty. Do your best to stop such things from happening. Discourage people from throwing lit crackers near cats and dogs, especially because they could damage their sensitive ear drums and also blind and burn them.

When you are sending sky rockets too be careful. Just as much as you ensure people are not hurt, make sure there are no animals in the vicinity who may get hurt by them.

Do not light crackers near kennels. Some people leave their dogs in kennels and when you light crackers within very close proximity to the kennels, the dogs are unable to get away from the noise.

We should light fireworks to enjoy ourselves and not to get injured or harm anyone - no, not even animals. Be careful and watch out because in a few days time, with the dawn of the New Year, there will be plenty of fireworks all around us.


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