World Largest Fireworks in Japan: Yonshakudama

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Japan is the hometown of Yonshakudama the largest fireworks in the world, each
of the shells weighs 930 pounds, and it can climb up to the height of 2700
feet (823 meters), and when it explods, the fireworks will become a 2400-feet
-diameter fireball and went off in a cascade of colour.

Fireworks is very popular in Japan, Big fireworks display was held every year
throughout the country, it is the signature summer event in Japan, fireworks
show was held nearly every weekend during July and August, hundreds of
thousands of people crowded along the river side, the tradition first begins
in 1733, when the country just suffered famine and cholera, people set off
fireworks to mourm the victims and dispel the darkness, fireworks also became
an important theme in the art of Japanese Yamato-e.


Hong Kong Canceled National Day Fireworks Show Due to Mass Protests

Hong Kong’s government issued a statement that the city’s annual National Day fireworks show will be canceled on Monday, because of the mass pro-democracy protests erupted in the financial city.

An official from the government said that the event were canceled for safety considerations because the main access roads would be seriously affected, the fireworks display was scheduled to be held above the sea near Victoria Harbor on 8:00 pm.

Affected by the incident, many night bus services have been canceled and over 200 public transportation routes was also canceled or changed, schools located between wanchai and central were closed since September 29, many commerce and social activities was canceled, it has seriously influenced people’s daily life.

In Hong Kong, National Day Fireworks Show is a festival tradition and it was deeply loved by the citizens, the event also attracts over hundreds of thousands of visitors worldwide.