India Focus on Countering Fireworks Smuggling Ahead of Diwali

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The commerce and industry ministry of India made a statement which said that possession and sale of imported fireworks is illegal and punishable.

In India, fireworks have been used on festivals and events for over 500 years, the country stopped fireworks imports from World War II, Fireworks in India have been declared as restricted item by Director General of Foreign Trade.the initiative made effective means on protecting domestic fireworks industry of India.

Officials from the Tamil Nadu Fireworks and Amorces Manufacturers’ Association also says that fireworks worth Rs 600 Crore had been smuggled from China, it was also reported that the sales of plunged by 35 percent because of smuggling of fireworks from China, so the fireworks industry of India is still facing challenges now.

Diwali, a five-day festival of lights in India, therw are many mythological traditions. The festival was celebrated by Jains and Sikhs, as well as Hindus, big fireworks displays make Diwali the most popular events in South Asia.

Blood Fireworks Industry: The Livelihood of Fireworks Workers


We all know that China is the biggest producer and exporter in the world, it
makes the most gorgeous and colourful fireworks, Fireworks are so popular all
around the world, an astonishing data shows that 90 percent of the world come
from China!

The whole production process of fireworks and firecrackers is very complex,
so the main process is basically done by hand, the set up and operation
should be followed carefully for safe production, and the risk is no doubt
big, and what’s more, the whole industry in China, largely, is made up of
small and medium factories, Several cities and small towns of China have
illegal factories making fireworks, some illegal workshops even operate in
homes, so there are terrible security risks!

In recent years, the situation of safety in production of fireworks and
firecrackers is serious. The salary of fireworks workers is very low even the
work is dangerous, most of them are uneducated and unskilled, so they are not
qualified for other works, they live from hand tomouth.

When beautiful fireworks light up the sky of our city in celebrations, we
will be looking up at the same sky that children lost their parents and
people lost their loved ones because of fireworks explosion.

China Declared the Report of the “9.22” Fireworks Explosion Accident

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China State Administration of Work Safety announced a report about the blast
accident that took place in Liling, Hunan province, the officials said that
the main cause of the explosive is operating againstregulations and
unauthorized changes in the use of workshops.

The explosive have already kill 13 people, and there is still 1 missed after the accident, heavily commented,the root reason is lack of efficient technical management, that showed a really nasty reality of Chinese safety condition.

Fireworks and firecrackers are commonly welcomed in China since it was widely used in the events such as wedding and other celebrations, but there are plenty of small plants, so many fireworks blasts happened in the unlicensed factories that located in densely areas.

The SAWS also require the fireworks companies to pay more attention to the safety in production and improve the responsibilty system for production and operation.

Grand Fireworks Show on the Opening Ceremony of 2014 Incheon Asian Games

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Bright fireworks lit the sky above the main stadium of 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, it marks
the start of the big opening ceremony, the flashing fireworks was set off to the sky and
formed the word “WELCOME”, it brought the audience to feet and the atmosphere was on fire!

The first act of the evening is performed by schoolchildren from South Korea, PSY (the
performer of Gangnam style) and Lang Lang(famous pianist from China)also presented us a
wonderful performance.

A total of 45 nations and regions are participating in the game, near ten thousand athletes
from all over Asia are competing in 439 events in 38 sports, it is an important test before
the 2016 Rio Olympic Games for the athletes, China has the largest team of 897, and for most
of them, it is their first time to compete in Asian Games, it will become valuable
experiences later on for the young athletes.

The Asian Games came from the 1st Oriental Olympics (also called the Far East
Championships).These were held in Manila in 1913. The games are regulated by the OCA(Olympic
Council of Asia) under the supervision of the IOC(International Olympic Committee). It was
held every four years allowing athletes from all over Asia to compete, it is the second
largest sports event in the world after the Summer Olympic Games, the last Asian Games was
hosted by China.

Explosion at Chinese Fireworks Plant Killed At Least 12 People


A fireworks explosion in southern China killed at least 12 people on
September 22, it also injured 33(3 of them was happened to passed by),
and 2 person was still missed in the accident.

The cause of the accident is being investigated, the government didn’t
declare the details of the blast, but they said that the factory was
properly licensed.

The t is properly a work safety incident, “We think that the accident may
be due to violation of safety regulations, the factory owner made
unauthorized changes in the use of workshops, that might be the main
cause.”one official said.

We all know that China is the largest producer of fireworks in the world,
the factory was located in Liling, Hunan province, Hunan is the major
fireworks producer in China, the industry in China was basically made up of
small and medium factories, and the safety in production is particularly
worrisome, although safety standards of the country are improving.

Fireworks Explosion Killed 5 Person and injured 20 in Northern India

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An explosion took place in a small makeshift fireworks factory of Sisendi village in
Mohanlalganj area on last Saturday morning.

The cause of the blast was still being investigated by the local police, it is probability
cased by improper handling, the factory owner was also killed on the outskirts of Lucknow
city, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, there are also several seriously injured undergoing
treatment in hospitals.

The factory was producting fireworks for the upcoming festival of Diwali on October, it is
also known as the “festival of lights”,Diwali is an ancient Hindu five-day festival, it is celebrated all across India, there are many different mythological traditions, and there are also big fireworks displays, the festival is celebrated by Jains and Sikhs, as well as Hindus, it is the most popular and important festival in South Asia. For Hindus people, the Diwali marks the commencement of the new year.

In India, people have been using fireworks for more than five hundred years. A great Indian fireworks show takes place during the religious celebration of Diwali, every autumn.

Mumbai Seized Chinese Illegal Firecrackers

A batch of illegal firecrackers which made in China was seized by Mumbai ahead of the festival season, four suspects was also arrested, the total value of fireworks was worth 3.61 crore.

These three containers of firecrackers were stacked without mandatory customs procedures or payment of customs duty, and according to the current laws in India, the importers don’t have such licence, since firecrackers are inflammable and explosive goods.

The government declares that over 600 containers of illegal fireworks were smuggled from China through various ports such as Kandla, Mumbai, Kolkata and Tuticorin.

China is the largest producer and exporter of fireworks, the products are cheaper and technologically superior, they have advanced technology, some components such as Potassium Chloride is banned in India, but used in China.1

London New Year’s Eve Fireworks will Start Charging

1 2 The New Year Is Celebrated In London With A Firework Display

According to today’s announcement of London Mayor Boris Johnson, visitors wanting to see the
London New Year’s Eve fireworks show will have to pay £10 to attend, he said that the charge
is good for public safety, and it will help improve the experience, he wants to make the
display more enjoyable and sustainable.

The London New Year’s Eve fireworks is popular not only in the city, it is also welcomed
world-widely, it is reported that over 500000 people joined last year’s event, many of them
were not able to get a good view and there were huge security hidden danger.
Tickets will be sold from September 26, the price is £10 each, Boris Johnson also said that a
total number of 100000 tickets will be sold, and the fireworks will be shown live on
television as ever.

For tickets and more information, please visit

Fireworks Marked the 50th Anniversary of the Forth Road Bridge


A magnificent fireworks displays was held to celebrate the end of the 10-day Forth Road Bridges Festival, the spectacular performance attracted thousands of visitors.

There was a torchlight procession that took place on the bridge, over hundreds of people join the parade.

The bridge was closed in both directions from 10:00pm, and a giant number “50” was lighted
on 10:06pm, and a 1006-metre-long fireworks waterfall was also set off to recognize the 1006m
span of the bridge.2014 torch-bearers formed a kilometre-long troops of fire, it was led by
Vikings from Up Helly Aa and three pipe bands, the whole event was very symbolic.

Organizers said that the celebration inspired people to see the bridge from a new angle, and it was just like a brand new bridge emerges from the water.

The performance was presented by Edinburgh-based Unique Events, it is also the team that host the 2012 Londong Olympic Games ceremonies.

How to Hold a Magnificent Fireworks Display with High-technology



High-technologys achievements offered the fireworks manufacturing companies a chance to make
a unexpected effect.

Pixel Blasting Bombs

A microchip was placed in the bombs, and the fireworks will make a pre-defined giant pattern
in the sky, it will trigger the explosive device in a millisecond of time.

Writing Letters in the Air

This technology was developed by a company named “Fireworks-by-Grucci”, they are the first
company that achieved this technology, they used a special fireworks equipment to set off the
fireworks, which can improve the accuracy of spelling, and the fireworks shells are just
about the same size as golf balls.

Electronic Fireworks Launch System

The system consists of one computer or multiple computers, typically use a giant display
screen, it is the nerve center of a high-technology show, which controls the launch of the
fireworks through a variety of wire and cable.