Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Closing Ceremony Fireworks Show

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After 13 days of competition, The second Youth Olympic Games fall the curtain in Nanjing at August 28, The ceremony lasted about and it marked the end of a spectacular sports and cultural show and over thousands of spectators and the athletes enjoy the performance and the big fireworks displays. The premier of China Li Keqiang attended the ceremony.

The Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games featured 3800 athletes from over 200 counties and regions, it included 28 sports. What is worth mentioning that there is no official medal tally, since the Youth Olympic is not about the results and medals, it is rather about experience and learning,the young people will find their future path through it.

Security Incidents Enterprises May Face 5 Million Yuan Penalty in China


The CNR news reported that Twelve session of the tenth meeting of the NPC reconsidered the production safety law amendment draft again, which aimed to protect public security.

The draft of the second review improved the increased the penalties for the violated companies, and they will be punishable by law if it constitute an offence, it also says that the penalties ranges from 100,000 to 5,000,000 yuan.

Day-time Fireworks Display at the Controlled Demolition of Wellington Hotel Annex



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The  day-time firework performance during the controlled demolition of Wellington Hotel Annex was a great success, it left a deep impression on the spectators.

Different colors of fireworks was arranged to compose the shapes of alphabets, the bright colors like yellow, red and blue created a heated atmosphere, the crowds began cheering and people took photos to record the exciting moment, of course standing at a safe area.

After a great many loud explosions and smokes, the entire building was shaking and trembling drastically , then it began to collapse, and the building was successfully demolished through directional blasting after its last show. “I never see this kind of fireworks, the show was really amazing!” people said,

Liuyang Fireworks Enterprise with Export Orders End the High-temperature Shutdown Early

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The Liuyang Production Safety Committee Office issued a statement which permit certain
enterprises to end the high-temperature shutdown.

The statement says that the resumption consists of three steps, and the enterprises must
follow the procedures and policies. Export enterprises with good safety conditions and no
production accidents in two years can start working inorder to fulfills the orders, other
enterprises which got approvals with no security risks can start working without gunpowder
from August 25, and the rest enterprises must comply with the laws and regulations.

There are two types of enterprises that will not get approvals and shall not engage in any
production activity,which consists of enterprises without work safety licenses and also the
ones under administrative punishments.

Lan Juan, the head of Liuyang Municipal Meteorological Station says that it will be a
sustained high temperatures during the following month.

Iron Man and the Fireworks Display

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Colin Furze, A young man in British, who is keen on shooting adventure videos with his
creations. He made them by himself and most of them were in some extent incredibly dangerous.

Recently he created an “iron man” and made a novelty fireworks performance and
uploaded a video on the Internet.

He made this special armor with iron sheet and then get inside it, he ask his friends to set
off the fireworks while he himself stands inside in the middle of the blown fireworks.

Colin survivaled in the end, he walked out the armor completely unscathed, and his video won high click rate.

The Last Independence Day Fireworks on August 23


Because of the infamous on the 4th of July Fireworks Displays in Hilo, the event was delayed to 23th of this mouth, and there will be abig makeup fireworks show at Family Fun Fest.

Some of the fireworks was not set off due to the computer technical problems, the sponsors declared a public apology and promised a better fireworks show, “The best one is yet to come and people should stay tuned!”

The event will begin at 10 am, as the end of summer celebration, it also includs music, food , games and entertainments, fireworks will be set off at 8 pm, people can watch the show in the Mo’oheau Park Ball Field and adjacent Soccer Field.

“Family Fun Fest” is an alcohol-, drug- and litter-free event sponsored by the County of Hawaii in partnership with Destination Hilo, Young Brothers, Hawaii Explosives, Hilo Jaycees and the State of Hawaii.

Fireworks Might be Illegal in Salinas City


The police and fire chief of Salinas City suggested that safe and sane fireworks should be
banned, if this suggestion is approved by the council, then all fireworks will be illegal in
the city.

With the increasing of the fireworks in the city, hidden danger of the public safety is also
increasing, The police department and fire department says that they don’t have enough
manpower and money to enforce the current fireworks ban, since people always use illegal kind
of fireworks where the safe fireworks are allowed to set off, we don’t have effective method
to distinguish the safe fireworks from the illegal ones.”It’s not fair for the elderly
people, children and pets, since their happy festival is ruined by the dangerous fireworks,
we need a clean and safe city!”said by one of the councilman.

There are also some speakers claim that they don’t agree with the suggestion on banning of
safe and sane fireworks, it is like punishing kid and the youth, they said that the
government should have the ability to provide services to the public.

The council didn’t make a final decision yet, they said they will held a special meeting to get more information from the public in a few weeks.

St Michael’s Mount and Fireworks Extravaganza

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With Bright moon, clear night sky and gentle breeze, brilliant fireworks splits
over the St Michael’s Mount,which makes it a beautiful picture.

Thousands of people gathered in Marazion to enjoy the magical performance,it is
the 60th year of the partnership between the National Trust and St Michael’s

The Tuesday fireworks display starts at 9:45, when the cannons on the mountain
fires, there are also music and food.

Visitors from all over world enjoye the evening of fireworks with the backdrop
of the mountain silhouetted, they said that the fireworks made their holiday, “
We can not imagine a better location for the show!”

Challenges and Opportunities for Liuyang Fireworks

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Liuyang fireworks sales was in a slump becuse of the hazy weather of China, some fireworks companies even considered to diverted into other industry.

To change the situation, Liuyang Fireworks Association organized several technology and trade conference from last year, the enterprises strengthed the efforts on technological improvements and environmental protection measures, they also made great efforts on changing the marketing strategys.

According to the Hunan Liuyang CIQ office statistics, in the first half year of 2014,the fireworks exports was about 636 million cases with sales of more than 1.3 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of more than 16.8 percent.

Visual Treat: the Plymouth Fireworks Championships is Coming!

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This year, the British Fireworks Championships will be held in Plymouth, it is one of the best fireworks displays in the UK,there are 6 top pyrotechnic companies which will give performances in September 12 and 13, the organizers says that 2 tonnes of fireworks will be set off during the event.

The championship will be started at 6:30pm, and fireworks at 9:30pm, there will also be entertainments and food, tens of thousands of spectators will come and watch this show.
This year’s game is hosted by TESA(the event services association)and plymouth city council, there will be a winner each night and overall winner will be announced in the end of Wednesday night.


Visual Treat: los Plymouth Fireworks Campeonato se acerca!

Visivo Treat: i Plymouth Fireworks Championships è in arrivo!

Traiter visuel: Fireworks Championnats Plymouth est à venir!

Prout visum est: Plymouth elementum Championships qui venturus est

Визуальное удовольствие: в Плимут Фейерверк Чемпионат Скоро!

Augenschmaus: Die Plymouth Feuerwerk-Meisterschaften kommt!