Second Night of the Honda Celebration of Light

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As the second performance day of the Celebration of Light fireworks display, France pyrotechinic team presented a spectacular fireworks show in Vancouver at July 30, it is the
second installment of the Event.

Large crowds of spectators gathered at the English Bay to view the show, it started with pop
music and many French songs was palyed throughout the show, the spectators said that it was a
energetic show and the atmosphere was great. Some people said that the show is more
tremendous than the July 4 fireworks displays, and they chanted “Vive la France!” during the

The fireworks lit up the night sky at 10pm, it is the only one show which took place on
weekdays, but it didn’t reduce the passion of the crowd, the organizers said that the
spectators on Wednesday is over 250000.


Seconda notte della celebrazione Honda della Luce


Deuxième nuit de la Fête de la Lumière Honda

Segunda Noche de la Fiesta de la Luz Honda

Во-вторых Ночь Празднование Honda Света

Secunda vero nocte in lumine Honda Celebratio

Man Lost His Hand in July 4 Accident Because of Illegal Fireworks


Man Lost his Hand in July 4 Accident Because of Illegal Fireworks Jared Spencer suffered from a badly fireworks injury in Nebraska and lost alimb, he was joining a party near 156th and Blondo Streets.

He said that he used fireworks that was banned in Nebraska, “I was always the guy with flashy fireworks, even some that were illegal”,said Spencer, the fireworks he lighted ignited early and blew apart his hand, then he was knocked on the ground.

The medics took him to the medical center but the doctors failed to keep his hand.

He wants other people to know the dangerous of illegal fireworks.

Festival of Lights on Burlington


The festival of lights will be hold on Augest 2 on the New Jersey side of the river, and the display will be visible from the historic Bristol woterfront.

For the past few years, the festival was held in Bristol Borough, but this year, the focus will shift back to Burlington.

There will be music concert from 4:00 to 6:00 by the Full Circle Band, there are also decorated boat parade at 8:00, festival food will be provided and big fireworks show starts at around 9:30.

Indonesian Muslims Celebrate Eid with Fireworks


With the end of Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, the Muslims held big event including pray, family gatherings,also big fireworks displays to celebrate the Eid.

There are over 200 million Muslins in Indonesia, which makes it the world’s most Muslim-populous country.

Eid is the most important festival for in the Muslins world, people headed to the local mosques for morning prayers early at dawn, and spend the daytime with their family also offer gifts and give charities.

Liuyang Prepares for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Fireworks Displays





As we know that the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games is upcoming on Augest 16th. The opening ceremony Fireworks show is intense preparations now.

All the fireworks products that will be used on the event is provided by 5 companies in Liuyang, which includes cold products, display shell, row of fireworks,etc. The planners have done a proper deployment on the testing and creativity of the event, to ensure the safety and overall outcome.

The cold products and shell products have completed 80% to 90% for now.



Liuyang se prepara para los Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud 2014 en Nanjing apertura espectáculos de fuegos artificiales de la ceremonia

Liuyang se prépare pour les Jeux Olympiques de la Jeunesse 2014 Nanjing Cérémonie d’ouverture Affiche de feux d’artifice

Люян готовится к Нанкин 2014 Молодежная Олимпийских игр Церемония открытия фейерверки

Et in eo paravit in Liuyang Aenean Nanjing MMXIV Olympia foramen caerimonia fireworks Displays

Liuyang si prepara per la Nanjing 2014 Giochi Olimpici della Gioventù Opening Ceremony fuochi d’artificio

Selected Works of the 11th China (Liuyang) International Fireworks Culture Festival Photo Contest





China (Liuyang) international fireworks culture festival, starting from 1991, was organized by Liuyang government. And the event includes purchasing meeting,  artistic performance, fireworks displays, and photo contest.

Liuyang was known as the “city of fireworks”, and the fireworks production capacity of this city accounted for over 70% percent of the whole country.




China (Liuyang) cultura festival internacional de fuegos artificiales, a partir de 1991, fue organizada por el gobierno de Liuyang. Y el evento incluye la compra de reunión, manifestación artísticas, espectáculos de fuegos artificiales, y el concurso de fotografía.
Liuyang era conocida como la “ciudad de los fuegos artificiales”, y la capacidad de producción de fuegos artificiales de esta ciudad representó más del 70% por ciento de todo el país.


Chine (Liuyang) festival de culture de feux d’artifice internationaux, à partir de 1991, a été organisée par le gouvernement Liuyang. Et l’événement comprend réunion achat, la performance artistique, feux d’artifice, et un concours de photo.
Liuyang a été connu comme la «ville des feux d’artifice”, et la capacité de cette ville de la production de feux d’artifice ont représenté plus de 70 pour cent de% de l’ensemble du pays.


Little Boy was Killed by Fireworks in Saudi


A little boy named Rawaf was killed in a fireworks accident, the fireworks exploded and caused badly skull fractures and hemorrhage. Rawaf was sent to the hospital immediately, but the doctors couldn’t save his life.

The police said that the fireworks exploded in Rawaf’s hand, and the fireworks also damaged the house in the southern Saudi province of Janzan.

Un petit garçon nommé Rawaf a été tué dans un accident de feux d’artifice, les feux d’artifice ont explosé et causé mal fractures du crâne et une hémorragie.Rawaf a été envoyé immédiatement à l’hôpital, mais les médecins ne pouvait passauver sa vie.

La police a déclaré que les feux d’artifice ont explosé dans la main de Rawaf, etles feux d’artifice ont également endommagé la maison dans la province du sud de l’Arabie Janzan.

Parvulus appellatur Rawaf interfectus in fireworks in casu, audito, et fecit malumin pompa, et omnia ossa cerebro HAEMORRHAGIA. Missus extemplo Rawafelit, sed medici non salvabit animam suam.

At quod explosa pompa in Rawaf manu, et quoque damnum pompa domum incuius australi plaga Saudi Janzan provincia.

Un niño llamado Rawaf murió en un accidente de fuegos artificiales, fuegos artificiales explotaron y causaron mal fracturas de cráneo y hemorragia. Rawaffue enviada inmediatamente al hospital, pero los médicos no pudieron salvar su vida.

La policía dijo que los fuegos artificiales explotaron en la mano de Rawaf, y los fuegos artificiales también dañaron la casa en la provincia sureña de ArabiaJanzan.

Grand Fireworks Performance in Macau

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The 26th Macau International Fireworks Display Contest will be Held on September, ten teams from all over the world will offer a wonderful show above the sea across Macau Tower.

Macau International Fireworks Display Contest is hosted by the Macau Government Tourist Office, and the event was first held in 1989, and now it is becoming influential international events.

The teams this year comes from China, France, Italy, Australia, Korea, Croatia, Portugal, Poland and Spain, and the performances day is September 8, 13, 20, 27 and October 1.

Fireworks Enterprises Started High-temperature Shutdown in China

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Fireworks Enterprises Started High-temperature Shutdown in China

Becuse the weather of China is entering the high-temperature mode, fireworks factories will start high-temperature shutdown for safety reasons from July 20 to August 20.

Since it is busy season for the Europe orders during the cut-off time, the government published a notice to the factories earlier this year so the enterprises have sufficient time to adjust the production.

Vancouver Fireworks is Coming!

111 Fireworks - Celebration of lights - Vancouver

The 2014 Vancouver Fireworks Celebration Of Light will kick off on July 26, and this year visitors will enjoy the best fireworks performances provided by the teams of US,France and Japan.

The tradition of annual celebration of light fireworks competition in Vancouver is first started at 1990, and soon became one of the most famous fireworks competitions around the world, this year’s performances runs on July 26, July 30 and August 2.

Vancouver’s celebration of Light defines the summer, and it also will attract the best fireworks designers from all over the world.



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014

All shows begin at 10pm


English Bay, Vancouver

Here’s important stuff you need to know:

The roads into the West End will be closed at 7:30pm on competition days and there are no parking.

Smoking is not allowed.