Trade and Industry office strengthen fireworks market supervision


Tomb sweeping holiday is approaching, to maintain ordering during the Tomb sweeping holiday fireworks etc worship supplies market, Xing Bin Jiang District Industry and Commerce office and Industry Bureau moved fireworks, and other worship supplies special inspection carried out by the market, focusing on market operators to check the qualification of fireworks if it is legal, business place if there is a security risk, severely crack down on unlicensed dealers; of unknown origin “three no” products, all under the frame to seal; false propaganda behavior using false names, false address, false quality certificates as misleading, resolutely punished. Up to now, the Institute inspected 41 operators, seven of operators issued order rectification notice.

First China Fireworks Expo in May 28th-30th in Liuyang


Recently, the Chinese fireworks Association revealed that the first Chinese fireworks industry safety and environmental exposition ( hereinafter referred to as fireworks Expo ) will be opened on May 28th in Liuyang City , Hunan Province , for a period of three days. By then, the number of newly developed fireworks machinery, raw materials and finished fireworks will collectively showcase the latest achievements fireworks industry .

Organizing committee revealed that this is fireworks industry’s first national, professional and comprehensive exhibition, but also a platform for fireworks manufacturer and national distributor butt , it is the national rollout of the new image of the panoramic fireworks industry showcase . The latest fireworks machinery, the latest materials, the latest collection of fireworks will be finished at the show, for buyers from all over the purchase.

“This expo is not just a marketing industry trade docking platform , it also aims to showcase the new image of the fireworks industry , to increase the public’s understanding of the industry , and establish the development of confidence, therefore, in addition to strengthening trade and economic functions , we will also strengthen its role as a communication platform . ” organizing the official said , will be held during the Expo Forum , bringing together the collective wisdom of the industry, the industry in the future should explain how the transition .

Czech league fans rioting with burning fireworks, arson thwarted thrilling people

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Recently, the Czech Football League Benedictine Ostrava fans riots occur with Sparta Prague in the game. Part of the extremist fans in the stands display a lot of fireworks, and overturned chairs serve as tools. Police timely intervention, this vicious incident has been brought under control.

Three truckloads of illegal fireworks destroyed

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Yesterday 10am, with the “rumbling ……” loud noise, within a river located at Lacey City Meihua Mountain neighborhood, full of three trucks, a total of more than 300 million head, valued at 80,000 yuan illegal fireworks were successfully destroyed. Reporters learned from Lacey police, to strengthen the safety management of illegal fireworks, that day Lacey Municipal Public Security Bureau in conjunction with relevant departments, since 2013, seized part of fail the quality, identify incomplete, expired, illegal private system of soil whip such as fireworks and raw materials destroyed.

Some villages active fireworks safety hazards investigation and remediation work


To further strengthen safety supervision on fireworks operating point, March 19th, some villages Politics and Law Committee, Comprehensive Management Office, police, safety supervision station closely cooperate together, in the township within the jurisdiction fireworks operating stations to carry out safety hazards investigation and remediation “Hundred Days crucial” action.

Checking are focus on non-counter sales of fireworks sales points and as well as the shops that without a license or without fireworks spare fire and water, temporary stall point does not comply with fireworks sales be banned, the requirements apply to unlicensed shops soon relevant documents. Currently, security risks were found in 6 points, 4 rectification notices issued requiring the operating point charge rectification is completed in two days, and delegate someone hidden rectification point inspection operations to ensure rectification in place, create a safe floor.

Orange Island fireworks May 2014 Return


Orange Island weekend fireworks show has became Changsha tourism highlights, but its polluted of the environment, wasting resources, and cause local traffic congestion also been criticized. 2013, Changsha adjustment programs, fireworks will be set off 20 minutes every Saturday night during the annual May 1 to October 31, canceled the discharge of November to next April. 2014 Changsha Orange Island weekend fireworks will officially return on May 3, will end on the evening of October 25, total of 28 scenes.

children playing with fire, fireworks burned kid’s home

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March 18th at 3pm, located in city Yancheng Sheyang Haitong town street, one of houses in a village called center of village suddenly caught fire, after receiving the alarm, the local fire department immediately rushed to the scene of the fighting . In the fire scene, fire fighters arrived at the scene found flames have burned through the entire two-story building on the second floor roof , flames billowing smoke are associated with pervasive , and the fire sprang flames from the old one door, the house exterior wall fire walls have been blackened , with fire inside the house using a wood structure to do so along with the fire quickly spread.

After understanding the situation, fire fighters immediately began to control the fire through the first floor , second floor, while the composition of personnel climb a platform to fight the blaze of the fire , after nearly 20 minutes of the disposal , the fire was brought under control and was quickly extinguished , but early due to fire rapid development , the loss of the entire house is not small. According afterwards understood that the accident was at home and there is some unused fireworks from spring festival ago, family children usually like to play with fire, a child playing with fire is probably headed for this fire also speculated that fireworks accidentally rushed to the house caused fire. And in the fire scene ,the front door indeed had a lot of pieces of paper scattered after the discharge of fireworks left .

7-year-old boy was wounded by fireworks



The day before yesterday morning, on the Town of Wujin District, the temporary residence Mr. Song took 9,000 rmb from a shop owner Wang Lin for his son one-time compensation for medical expenses, care, transportation fees and so on loss.


February 8th in the evening this year, 7-year-old son, Sung Ming together with companions at this shop to buy a 10 glowing pearl fireworks, that night about 8pm, they began to discharge fireworks, Xiao Ming was holding a spray of fireworks gunpowder shot from the bottom out and  his right wounded. For taking care Xiaoming, Mr Song’s wife had to quit her job, and now Xiao Ming, although basic rehabilitation, but has left scars. After police mediation, the owner agreed to a one-time compensation for 9000 rmb.