A fireworks factory in western India on the 27th explosion occurred at least six people were killed


Mumbai, Feb 27th Xinhua (Reporter Zhao Xu Wang Ping ) , according to local media reported on the 27th , a fireworks factory in the western Indian state of Maharashtra explosion occurred , at least six people were killed and more than 20 people were injured.

Reported that the fireworks factory was close to Ali Bagh Beach in western India, the explosion occurred at local time around 4:30pm , and caused the fire . Subsequently, the number of fire engines rushed to the scene, and gradually control the fire . Currently there were six people killed in the fire.

The report quoted local police sources said, although the fire has been controlled, but the blast makes some damage to nearby houses. Currently cause of the explosion is still under investigation, the seriously injured people have been sent to the 110 kilometers outside Mumbai for treatment.


Due to poor working conditions, India fireworks factory production safety situation is not optimistic. September 2012, the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu , a fireworks factory exploded, killing 40 people, injured more than 70 people. Last year on November, recurrence of similar incidents in the same area , at least eight people were killed and 10 wounded.

“Fireworks detonate water wells” disturb the whole city, will manhole explode while smoking?

Children often play next manhole cover 5819728741923597486_11n

Children often play near manhole cover


Some of the old district have the vast amount of covers

Yesterday, this newspaper exclusively reported Dongsheng 3 year old boy playing with fireworks detonated a small source of water wells were burned and fall well event, this news caused widespread concern. In fact, similar cases is not just one case, recently took place in Shenzhen two boys playing with firecrackers blew manhole covers, one person died on the well event. In Baidu news search for “manhole explosion” can search out news about 1200.

Reporters Statistics found that 500 meters of the road in urban area was able to count the 145 wells, management of Zhongshan Municipal maintenance Department data show that the department management vested in the city sewage wells and water wells up to more than 20,000. Some people worry about whether a cigarette will cause an explosion in the well? In this regard, maintenance and management of municipal Department official said the department would conduct these sewage manholes, the public no need to worry, but also pay attention to fire safety. In addition, downtown Zhongshan covers management approach will be introduced during the year, when the regulation will systematically covers.

Beijing fireworks sales reduced this year

picture is Chaoyang District, a fireworks sales branch


Since starting at 0:00 on February 15, within the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing started banning fireworks again. Of unsold fireworks, required to complete the recycling fireworks before February 18. This year fireworks sales decrease, the amount recycling fireworks less than previous years, 59,000 boxes were collected in Beijing.



Mainland last 52 years, last year air pollution was the worst year

February 14, people play fireworks at East Third Ring Road in Beijing. That day was the Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day, Beijing shrouded in haze, the air heavily polluted. However, the streets are still heard the sound of firecrackers, fireworks interpretation town carnival night

Foreign media noticed that air pollution in Beijing on the 16th eased two days after experiencing “dangerous” level, that heavily polluted part of reason due to the New Year holiday is traditionally used to mark the end of the fireworks caused.

“South China Morning Post” Website on February 17 reported that the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, according to data on the website show that PM2.5 concentrations at noon near the center Tiananmen of the capital fell to 178, while in the previous 24 hours, the average concentration was 432.

February 14, there were 33 cities in mainland air quality index records are in serious pollution level. According to Xinhua News Agency reported, PM2.5 concentrations in eastern Tongzhou District, Beijing once reached 900.

Beijing announced last October, when issued a red alert warning that the highest pollution, it will activate contingency plans, including the reduction of road traffic and schools closed and so on. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that four of the lowest blue alert has been in force since the 15th

Government seeking to improve the quality of air and water in order to ease public discontent environmental degradation. Chen Jiping, executive vice president of the China Law Society, said pollution is one of the main factors affecting social stability in Mainland.

16-year-old Zhang Jiaxing building security said “Haze emissions caused by the factory and automobile exhaust, of course, if they are not the main reasons, the fireworks display on the air is not good for the air. government should strengthen the environmental protection industry, and investigate and punish factories that cause pollution.

According to the relevant department, said the mainland last 52 years, last year air pollution was the worst year.

Latin American Society on February 16 reported that environmental experts said Beijing urban air quality index in most areas over 300, up to six serious pollution levels. According to local media reports, such as pollution situation has been going on for at least three days.

Experts pointed out that despite the so-called contingency plans already formally promulgated and implemented since last October, which provides that the “red alert day” will be implemented in the vehicle odd and even number lines, schools, kindergartens will be closed in Beijing, the enterprises stop and so on “six stop” measures, but has not yet to implement any of these provisions.

This is not ideal air quality but also because of the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival encourage people not to give up the habit of fireworks become worse. According to statistics, the Lantern Festival fireworks discharge was twice the amount of the Beijing New Year’s Eve.

Recycling fireworks

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Yesterday, the Municipal Administration of Work Safety, responsible person when visiting the Capital Window said, according to current statistics, the city this year about the sale of fireworks around 220,000 boxes. Sixteenth midnight, the city will start recycling fireworks this year.

This year, the city announced that when the severe air pollution in orange red warning, stop lighting fireworks, ban fireworks wholesale distribution units, retail outlets to stop selling fireworks

“In fact, this measure already has some effects.” Third Deputy Director Municipal Administration of Production Safety Supervision and regulation Liu said that before the New Year’s Eve, the weather situation was not optimistic, retail outlets stocking quite rational, in the past a large number of purchase, super storage conditions did not happen.

According to Liu, this year three wholesale units together for the 64 varieties of about 60,000 boxes of fireworks environmental protection, and have all put on the market. Feedback from the current point of view, environmentally fireworks pretty popular, especially some spray products sell well

As in previous years, the annual fireworks sales season is over once the recovery starts. This year’s fireworks will start recovering in February 15, Sixteenth midnight 12:00 o’clock

According to Liu introduced, first recycling fireworks, then recovered video surveillance equipment, greenhouses. Center City fireworks will start recycling. Currently responsible for the recovery of the vehicle are in place, about two or three days full recovery work can be completed.
It is reported that the recovery of fireworks will be stored in a wholesale warehouse by hand to clean up storage. To meet the standard requirements, within the validity period of the fireworks will be stored in the library, for the sale of season next year resale; broken or exceed the validity of the external packaging of the product, will be unified Depot deal.

Xi’an fireworks experience “cold”, fireworks’ sales are only 1/3 of previous years


Before the Spring Festival, the newspaper advocate not shooting fireworks during Chinese New Year has received the support of many people. The Lantern Festival is coming, the Lantern Festival also been suggested that less blasting, blasting civilization. So how is fireworks retail business going this year? To this end, the reporter yesterday afternoon visited several retail outlets fireworks, fireworks found in this business is bleak.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited Chan fireworks retail outlets at Ann Street Cross, filled with all types of fireworks, but few people interested. Mr. Chen also seems deserted stand business, chatting with people across the road. “Last year I went into the 30,000 RMB of goods, basically sold out at 5th of beginning year, this year the same is 30,000 RMB, but now I have not sold a third of that, the business too deserted.

Chen fireworks operators have more than ten years selling fireworks at Cross Street in Ann, and never encountered this situation. He said: “This year, the New Year does not advocate shooting, and now people have increased awareness, very few people buy guns now. children
playing gun business were very good in previous years, this year did not work, from before the Spring Festival already no longer marketable.” Chen said after fifteen over, he will shut the shop immidiately, the rest of firecrackers have to deposited into the company.

The grocery shopping Mrs Zhang said: “This year fireworks business is indeed not very good, every day I pass though Ann Street Cross, clearly see business is deserted compared to previous years, but I do think that we should advocate no fireworks first. The blasting not only pollute the environment, the noise made ​​people uncomfortable as well, the Lantern Festival should advocate no fireworks as well “.Mr Fan said:” after all, the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival are traditional festivals, fireworks and firecrackers have been spread for hundred years, to ask people not blasting is not realistic, but I hope those people who can civilized shooting, discharge to the specified location, but also safe!”