Qingdao primary students initiatives: refusing to set off fireworks and firecrackers,share the beautiful blue sky


Spring Festival is approaching, Qingdao II, Qingdao electronics school, junior high school students and experimental Qingdao City Experimental Primary School of the Young Pioneers Brigade Commission jointly issued by the National schoolchildren “refusal fireworks, sharing the beautiful blue sky “initiative today. Schoolchildren nationwide initiative: from themselves, to start from less to buy a bunch of firecrackers, set off a few fireworks, so beautiful urban air quality does not deteriorate, for having a green New Year, with their own practical action to make environmental civilized fashion communicators.

Every New Year, as the Chinese traditional customs, fireworks become an indispensable part, but the attendant is piles of ashes and debris gun accidents, but also brought air pollution. Thus, refusing fireworks  has became one of the Qingdao primary and secondary education winter vacation themes this year.

Qingdao City schoolchildren to the nation on behalf of schoolchildren sent a green initiative. In the event, many students refused to fireworks on the undertaking signed and said they would mobilize people around to join the green initiatives of reject set off fireworks and firecrackers .

Shenyang, first time ban to sell some part of the Class D, Class C fireworks


Yesterday, Liaoning Province, Shenyang Public Security Bureau Public Security collected fireworks and destruction of the illegal fireworks 3310, the burning time of up to 20 minutes.

Around 11:00, a huge open pit quarry in xinmin, 3310 counterfeit fireworks stacked in the pit bottom, pull up the cordon around.

Fireworks Association staff in guiding the fireworks sprinkled diesel, professionals said that this is to burn more thoroughly, to ensure that there is no danger of the destruction.

Destruction of the tipping point in a position about 300 meters from the point of destruction, by professionals detonated by fuse. set off fireworks at 11:10, the sound of thunder, and the scene is quite spectacular.

According to reports, after the burning, douse it with water, and then finally buried in the soil at the surface to be covered

Whether there is other more environmentally friendly ways to carry out the problem of counterfeit fireworks destruction or not, Liaoning Provincial Public Security Corps deputy chief Liu Zhijun said that due to the high risk of fireworks, highly sensitive, prone to problems when destroyed, technically does not yet have a more environmentally friendly methods of destruction, so far can only take place in the open burning destruction centralized approach.

It is understood that since mid-November 2013, the province public security organs to crack down on illegal fireworks illegal governance special action.

Up to now the province’s public security organs investigated 118 cases, of which, 9 cases of illegal production and management of cases, 12 cases of illegal transportation, illegal storage case 85 onwards, 12 cases of illegal discharge, criminal detention seven people, 135 people order punishment ban 37,000 illegal fireworks, all safely destroyed.

According to Wu, Liaoning Provincial Public Security Corps captain, currently the country according to the discharge of dangerous fireworks will be divided into A, B, C, D four categories, which are Class A and Class B prohibit the discharge of individual citizens.

Shenyang first time this year lock-up section C grade, D grade fireworks, including fan-shaped, V-, W-, Z-type, S-type and other special shape of fireworks and fireworks effects in combination with willow, metal floats, floats with burning combination of fireworks effect.

Allow the public to buy fireworks:

(A) D level products: including a variety of D-level fountains class, Sparklers, spinners and plastic toy products.
(B) C-class products:
1 C grade Cakes various specifications, Sparklers, Roman Candles products; 2 off two-way Class C products; 3.C grade firecrackers products; 4 single loading dose below 25 g the C-class combination of fireworks products.


Jinan is going to ban fireworks


In the 6th meeting of the Conference of production safety in Jinan, the Jinan Municipal Committee, mayor Yang Lu Yu said the fireworks have security risks, and now severe haze, fireworks will pollute the air as well, and for some people raised proposal to ban the discharge, he said Jinan City will be discuss this proposal.

Yang Lu Yu for the 2013 production safety situation in Jinan, he did summarize. As we knowing, Jinan City in 2013 there were 445 kinds of accidents, the death of 165 people, compared with 2012, increased by 15.9%, 7.8%, production safety situation is very grim this year. Yang Lu Yu said that there are more than 20 days approaching the New Year, and all departments should be placed on safety inspections to ensure the safe operation of the facilities.

Yang Lu Yu stressed that the need to give prominence to transportation safety, public security levels, traffic, safety supervision departments to increase safety supervision, develop a plan for bad weather serious road traffic accident prevention, strengthen supervision and inspection of passenger vehicles and routine maintenance, investigation and management of traffic safety problems effectively, ensuring road traffic safety;concertrate to carry out safety checks and special rectification, strengthen key industries, areas of safety supervision, supervision of solid job security, water, electricity, oil, gas and heating supply units to ensure production safety, ensure factories producing safety, citizens have normal life; strengthening emergency duty, earnestly implement the linkage mechanism, strict implementation of leading cadres for duty with the class, 24-hour duty system for key positions and accident information reporting system, once an accident or emergency occurs, immediately consult the report, and to conduct timely and effective emergency rescue and disposal.

Every year during the spring festival, most families have fireworks, when it comes to fireworks production safety, Yang Lu Yu said that these days, many people called for the ban of fireworks, which he personally agree with, but also that worthy of related departments to discuss. “fireworks Not only are safety issue, but also pollution, for the haze weather effect a lot right now, especially in the densely population in main city, after the discharge fireworks, the smoke dissipates very slowly.” Said Yang Lu Yu

Municipal Construction Committee Published: fireworks ban in construction site and the surrounding 30 meters within the site


30 meters surrounding the construction site will be banned fireworks. Municipal Construction Committee website issued the “Beijing 2014 Project Construction site on New Year Spring Festival fireworks safety management program,” requires not only the construction site to ensure that no storage, no fireworks, but within 30 meters surrounding the construction site is also prohibited discharge fireworks to prevent fires.

According to “work program” requires that all projects within the construction site is strictly prohibited to store fireworks and discharge fireworks, when discharge fireworks outside of construction site, must be “in accordance with law, civilized, safe discharge” , prohibit discharge fireworks after drinking. Meanwhile, the construction unit need to set rigid ban signs, hanging banners on the site outside the gate and perimeter fence, publicity surrounding residents. Each construction site must be made and hang not less than one “no discharge fireworks within 30 meters from the construction site and its surrounding ” propaganda banners. At the same time, the construction unit will sign letters of responsibility with the Municipal Construction Committee.

Chinese fireworks bursting in Ashgabat

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Chinese fireworks bursting in Ashgabat as the bell rang at 0:00 on 2014, over the Turkmen capital Ashgabat Ferris rises “2014” words on the wheel, then colorful fireworks lead festival atmosphere to climax.

Follow the sound of cannons, brocade crown buds, one thousand peony, shine, smile, tricks flute whistle dragons and other kinds of fireworks into the sky, the fireworks made the Ferris Wheel Square decoration exceptionally beautiful, the Turkmen people cheering, jumping, to greet the new year.

This time the total discharge of fireworks are more than 4,000 pieces of shell, candles and bouquets of nearly 2000, up to 15 minutes. Chinese fireworks varieties tricks, discharge rate, safe, reliable, and price advantage, so in competition with French companies and Turkey companies, Chinese fireworks companies always win discharge contracts.