During Spring Festival put fireworks or not should be discussed


Days after day, the weather foggy and hazy has already seriously affected everyone’s life. December 8th, singer Han hong through the weibo to appeal everyone not to explode the fireworks during the Spring Festival, and take the century London as an example, she hopes everyone take good care of their homes, to protect clean air

After air pollution, when PM2.5 comes, the occasion when hazy shrouded the north and south, almost no one can stay out.

At this moment, pursue mistakes is not the priority. How brainstorming, under the government organize, play all aspects of the full power of social, society-wide consensus reached that the first big thing is solve hazy air problem.

Fireworks only be light up for a few days during the Spring Festival every year, and the ancients did it for thousands years, it should be limited for the impact of the haze. However, we must also know that the ancients put fireworks, both quantity and quality, are different from today’s fireworks. In addition, that time the urban population is far less than now. Not to mention industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust these things. Therefore, even if the ancients put fireworks cost air pollution problem, it is very small very small effect. The ancients put fireworks’ example could not be the reason that people today continue to put fireworks.


The past two days, the country hundreds of heavily polluted cities, Beijing, Tianjin and the Yangtze River Delta haze even into a film. Shanghai PM2.5 burst form, 30% of the official vehicle stop running. In this grim situation, we discuss whether or not to put fireworks  during the Spring Festival seems absolutely necessary and very timely. Assumed during the Spring Festival, every city encounter serious fog and haze weather, the local government official besides command more vehicles suspended, whether it should announce ban fireworks? Even if the fireworks do not produce any PM2.5, the fireworks also remains a fire hazard. In severe fog and haze weather, once put fireworks cause injuries or fire occurs, saving people and fire extinguishing are much difficult than in normal weather. No matter from which point of view, the government has to consider when special weather occurs, they need to immediately announced parked fireworks. Otherwise, the government is to give up their responsibilities.

In the absence of exceptional weather conditions, whether come forward to ban fireworks announced by the government or not, it is necessary to discuss. If the majority of people demanded the ban, Congress has legislation, the government can follow public opinion. Most people asked to continue to put fireworks, the government need to plan the discharge place, cannot put in a densely populated area. Best way is in the future by the local government unify discharge on Spring Festival’s Eve, just have some meanings for the Spring Festival are enough, change the purchase of self-discharge practices

After the shock, the overall bullish of Liuyang Fireworks


The end of the year is coming again, strong sales season is preparing for New Year.

For nearly a year, haze, Yichang bridge collapse, the implementation of the new national standard……., In the New Year, market suffered cold reality, in the first half of this year, production companies hesitant to push slow production on track time, operating companies elongated order time, a wait and see market pessimism spread apart in the industry.

A person who is in charge on the company even for enterprises to develop a “three no”: no additional investment, not to scale, keeping their children not involved in fireworks industry.

However, after concerns that with the approaching Chinese New Year sales season, the temptation of the season and hope for the market, being watered down with pessimism.

“According to past experience, the Chinese New Year in January, sales was worse. The New Year on February sells better, this year the Chinese New Year is January 31, with a lot of corporate restructuring, productivity declined, personal opinion, cannot get the case goods during New Year is estimated to occur. “in front of the order, as stated in another company official said,” the production, the overtime “, the factory will still work overtime.

Producers only keep old customers’ orders, do not accept new customers order

November 6, in the warm sun of late autumn, one of town call jingang in Liuyang City, busy manufacture but orderly, six workers were busy loading, in the field next to the floor, there are four parked vehicles waiting for loading.

According to the person who is in charge of the factory, although the market situation is bad, but because of its own products in the market has a mature brand influence, this year the amount of orders on the first eight months are close to the amount from last year, after the summer holiday, the enterprise became very busy.

” last year has Leap month, the summer holiday unlike this year so long, compared to last year, the factory production time nearly two months less than last year, while orders increased by about 20%.” In order delta front, which companies in order to ensure the old customer orders, while rejecting some of the new order.

“This year compared to previous years, although the market environment has changed, because of industrial restructuring and upgrading, and the introduction of a new national standard, on the whole situation, production will decline. Together with some other main producing capacity is also reduced, as this year’s market sales provides a buffer zone. “within the industry a professional manager who predicted, in the past of the end of year could not get the goods phenomenon will appear this year, overall sales will not have a big decline.

Operating companies into one month ahead of the peak of the transfer cargo

In the visiting, according to the bullish market this year, there is more people than the above-mentioned producers, one of southwest province, a provincial company executives said in an interview also expressed a similar view.

“From the collection on market information, we can see 2 inches less than usual products, on national standard products are increased.” The executive said, in addition, the local market needs did not change a lot.

Consider, in the end of this year may be tight supply, transportation is relatively concentrated, the overall bullish, beginning in September, the operating company began producing enterprises are concentrated from Liuyang transfer cargo, “at past years before October 1, shipped only a few hundred million, compared to last year, this year the shipments grew by 50 percent. ”

Information obtained from the logistics channels also seems to confirm the argument of the executive: the National Day as boundaries, from Liuyang sent to the province than before the National Day, the logistics costs rose 3,000 yuan, while the increase for the same period in previous years, logistics costs was between 1500 yuan and 2,000 yuan. “We usually say that the Chinese New Year peak selling season is September to December, but in previous years, transfer cargo concentrated period is from November began, after the National Day this year, the company operates transfer cargo will enter the concentrated time.” Liuyang Fireworks Bureau Market Branch relevant responsible person said.


some relative news

Much inventory do not know how to do

In March of this year, the implementation of the new national standard. Product type, packaging and specifications had a big adjustment.

Currently, the industry also have some rumors about the State Administration of Work Safety is in the northern province to do some unannounced visits, the investigation found a number of large-diameter, large doses of the product, it is said also requires companies to haulage out all the products from warehouse which is in stock companies operating in the province.

“It seems that the state of play hardball over product specifications, in the long run, we also maintain to help fireworks industry developing, however, some products in warehouse were made before the implementation of the new national standard production, now the factory are afraid to sell, so the factory stocks more products, our current production has been effect, how to do this? “this is from a company’s production director said.


PK views

Early delivery period does not mean that the market recovery

Production companies and operating companies changed pessimistic in the first half, are excited to prepare for the upcoming season, the fireworks industry weakness are long gone. Then how the market situation is going to be?

“Overall, it is too early to say sales booming.” Several industry sources state, the company operates an early transfer cargo does not mean that the market recovery.

after the accident on Yichang Bridge, fireworks transport channel is jammed, many operating companies transfer does not arrive, the industry said, “personally think that might some of operating companies learned a lesson from this accident and transfer cargo ahead of time.” Secondly, this year the companies produce time is 2 months shorter than last year, orders production and transport is too concentrated, the early peak transfer cargo logistics strategy is also a stagger.

According to the current fireworks industry credit growth mode, the operating companies get payment for early transfer cargo are not many, “All goods are usually sold out before full payment. This year Liuyang companies participated order exhibition, the number of orders ¬†20% more than last year, for enter into new markets businesses, business purchase and sale of the company’s products may be more stringent terms, the stockpile costs will be lower. If it is in full payment way, the operating companies’ transfer goods can be the greatest reflect to the market trends. ”

“Many people would think that goods sent to the company warehouse is flowing into the market, I do not think so, fireworks from producers to consumers need to go through the operating companies and retail outlets, some operating companies usually through extreme pressure to send goods to retail outlets, and it may be contrary to consumer demand. Additionally, reduced the amount of wind frugal buy, and environmental awareness letting fireworks discharge environment variables exist. ”

Based on this, a company in charge of the Eastern Liuyang person think that the industry this year will not recover to two or three years ago the situation like real production does not win and shipped not win, the market as a whole, the most optimistic is stay the same level with last year.

Beijing: During Spring Festival, fireworks sales will continue reduce, heavy air pollution days will stop selling fireworks


This is Central Broadcasting Network Beijing December 8th news, according to Voice of China “News” reported that the holidays, the New Year are coming soon, fireworks sales during the Spring Festival this year will continue to shrink in Beijing. Fireworks sales last year was 39.6 million boxes, this year is expected to be reduced by half.

Besides, fireworks retail outlets will also be further reduced, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Work Safety responsible person said, last year fireworks retail outlets was 1337, this year only going to be reduce not increase. Meanwhile, according to the “Beijing severe air pollution emergency plan” and other requirements, the city government issued heavy air pollution on an orange, a red alert circumstance, the fireworks will be suspended sales on retail outlets, wholesale unit also will suspend distribution of fireworks.